Ram horns

My wife and I are proud VCU alumni and basketball season ticket holders.  You will often spot us at games sporting our bottle cap horns. 

They where quite a challenge.  First we had to make a “helmet” (Legend Brewing Co) that would be comfortable on our heads and sturdy enough to support the weight of the horns.  There are aluminum strips and thick weather stripping under the rows of caps.  It took a lot of trial and error to get the taper, length, twist and curl of the horns just right.  There are 24 individual rings on each horn, each containing from 12 down to 5 caps (Devil’s Backbone and Bold Rock).  The rings are crimped together with a wire adding additional strength.  The horns are bolted to the helmet.  There are 464 caps in all.

We refined our methods for the second set, but they were basically built the same as before.  These horns are three rows shorter and the helmet is slightly smaller.  We wanted it to be more realistic and less cartoonish than the first.