custom orders

We welcome the opportunity to create a custom piece for you.  Whether it's from a dozen caps or a thousand; microbrew, macrobrew, or soda, there's nothing we won't attempt!  We can also use cans, stickers, packaging, and more.  Please see the below FAQs for more information

Core Products

Our most popular products are coasters, magnetic stars, and roses; which can be ordered using the below form.

Custom Commissions

If you can think it, draw it, or photograph it; we can make it out of bottle caps, cans, and other recycled beer media.  Check out our portfolio of completed works.  They are divided into distinct categories with photos and details about each project.  We would be happy to work within your budget and specifications to recreate anything you like.  Use the below form to get started!

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Please indicate the product(s) you are interested in. Pricing is below. *pricing available upon request
Please specify if you would like caps or cans from a particular brewery/beverage producer or location (city, state, country, etc.). Also let us know if you have any color preferences.
Use this field to give specifics on non-core products/custom works.


How much are custom works?

It depends entirely on the size and complexity of the project.   After you answer some basic questions, we can provide you with a quote that includes several options with different price levels.

How long does it take to create a piece?

Core items can usually be ready within a week.  Exceptions would be unusually larger orders or orders placed around high volume times (Valentine's Day or the Holidays, for example).  Custom works can take up to several weeks or a month.  After we have a good idea of the scope of your project, we can provide a time estimate.  If you need an order expedited, please indicate it on the above form

What caps do you have available for my piece?

There are close to 50,000 caps in our inventory at any given moment.  The vast majority are from craft breweries, many of which are in our home state of Virginia. Don't worry, we also have a variety from macro breweries and non-alcoholic drinks.  Please note colors such as yellow, orange, pink, and purple are less abundant.

What if you don't have the caps I want?  Will you use caps I've collected?

Sure!  If you have obscure or local caps or if your project simply requires a quantity greater than we have available, we would be glad to use yours.  If neither of us can find the right caps, we can source them through Ebay or directly from the brewery.  Please note, any associated charges will be added to the project.

How do I pay you?

If we meet in person, we accept cash, checks, and credit cards (via Square).  For orders less than $100, payment can be made when we meet.  If it isn't practical to meet, we accept PayPal or checks through the mail.  Please note, projects and orders $100 and over require a 50% down payment.

How and when will I receive my completed project?

If you're in the Richmond area, we can set up a convenient time and place to meet.  We are glad to ship your order if meeting in person isn't practical.  The shipping charges will be added to the project (usually less than $13).  Your order will be shipped upon receiving payment.  If your project is exceptionally large or delicate, we can work out another delivery method.

Can you make something out of nonalcoholic caps?

Yes, we have a good inventory of soda, water, and fruit juice caps.

Do you use recycled medium other than bottle caps?

We have incorporated corks, glass bottles, coasters, aluminum cans, and more into our work.  If you would like non-cap medium incorporated into your project, please indicate it on the order form.

Will you make me a VCU Rams or Atlanta Braves sign?

Sorry, we can't make any copyrighted images (unless you own it).

Why don't I see any jewelry or beer pong tables?  Everybody makes that stuff.

We try to stay away from things bottle caps may commonly be used to make, such as jewelry, simple mosaics, or covering an existing object with caps.