Strangeways brewery

The goal of the second sign was to include something from every Richmond area brewery. The letters were first cut out of plywood. We then covered them in stickers and labels and outlined them with flattened Strangways caps. “TASTE” is made from several Center of the Universe cans. “L” is Midnight Brewery, “O” is Extra Billy's Brewery, “C” is Triple Crossing Brewing, “A” is Ardent Craft Ales, and “L” is Isley Brewing. The goblet is made out of Hardywood caps and filled with foam for support. The fingers are Lickinghole Creek caps. The eyes are Legend and the whites of the are made from melted cap liners (the first time we’ve used liners in our work). Everything is held together with steel straps.


This is the image you will find on Strangeways caps.  Credit to Yogg for the design.  This sign is ½” plywood covered entirely in Strangeways caps.  Our very talented friend, Jennifer, drew the “S” free hand.  We then cut it out with a saber saw.  The caps around the edges were attached using a staple gun.  The ones further from the edges were glued one.  There are over 300 caps.