collection of smaller signs

Nailed It! is the name of a friend’s company.  This was our first attempt at inverted letters (Devil’s Backbone), which turned out pretty well.  We then cut the nail shape out of plywood, traced the letters on it, and cut holes for them to fit into.  The rest is covered with flattened caps, expect for the side (Hardywood), who’s caps only have the bottom half flattened.  The nail head (Legend) is made completely of caps and bolted to the end of the nail.

An "Open" sign for our friend's mobile food truck, Intergalactic Tacos.  This was a fairly simple sign made with the same type block letters as with other signs.  These letters are Lickinghole Creek and New Belgium.  We cut the frame out of 1/2" plywood and glued PRB caps to it.  The letters are wired to hardware cloth which is fastened to the frame.

This was a sign for Brewer Shirts.  They make shirts and other craft beer related products.  "Life is Short, Drink Good Beer" is one of their most popular slogans... and a very true statement.

This was the simplest sign we have made.  We were commissioned to make the customer’s last name using specified colors.  We assembled the letters then drew a shape that roughly outlined them.  We cut this shape out of plywood and covered it with flattened caps (generic gold caps on the front and Killian's on the side).   We drilled holes in the plywood and used wire to attach the letters.


Erzbierschof is a great beer shop with several locations in Switzerland.  They have saved caps for us which we have picked up on several visits.  The sign is made from mostly European caps, all of which were from the ones we got from Erzbierschof.  This sign can currently be seen at their Zurich location, just a couple blocks from the train station.