These coasters are made from recycled bottle caps, cans, labels, and packaging.  Bottle caps produce the radial designs. The layered effect is made from two dimensional media.  They are set in a 3-7/8" diameter by 1/2" thick MDF base which is filled with a two part epoxy.  The coasters with an asterisk (*) are not always kept in stock and may need to be custom made.  The rest are normally stocked and ready for shipment.  If you don't see what you're looking for, custom designs are no problem. And we are happy to work with material you provide (no extra charge). They are $13 each or $11 each for four or more (including VA sales tax).  Contact us if interested. 

**Please note each coaster is slightly different due to the art on the caps and cans, and the handmade nature of the items.  What we have in stock will vary from what is pictured. The material currently available to us also determines exactly what coasters will be available at a given time.**