the story of capworks

Hi, my name is Josh Stolberg.  I am an engineer by training, but an artist at heart.  It all began in college when I started collecting caps for no apparent reason.  Several years later, I had thousands of caps and too much time on my hands. My wife and I created a full suit of Roman Centurion Armor for Halloween 2010, and then in December 2013, we made all of our Holiday presents out of caps.  A few of our friends were so impressed they requested we make some small crafts to sell alongside their food cart business.  Since then, we've flourished into our own business while creating a myriad of sculptures, wall pieces, and smaller crafts.  We currently work out of our house in Richmond, Virginia.

Our art stems from our love of craft beer and and desire to recycle the leftover materials.  Our work mainly assembled using cutting, bending, and crimping techniques we have come up with.  This is accomplished primarily using only tin snips and needle nose pliers and a press for flattening caps.  And yes, we do cut ourselves occasionally.  Almost all caps are donated by a network of friends, family, local businesses, and people we meet around town.  Please see the Donations page for details on how you can contribute.